Best Cities to Eat Like a King in the USA

Foodies everywhere, pay attention! Pretty soon, you’ll be able to resume business as usual! With vaccine distribution underway, the hope is that destination dining will resume once more. That’s right — traveling to cities to enjoy the sites, sounds, and famous foods they deliver. So, with that in mind add these cities to your itinerary for the best places to eat in the USA.

New Orleans

Some people say that New Orleans is all about parties and booze, but they’re forgetting that the food is what brings everyone together while they’re partying and boozing. Love seafood? Then you’ll want to check out the raw oysters and crawfish boils. Looking for something hot and spicy? Order the etouffee or jambalaya. Want to experience the difference between Cajun and Creole cuisine? Sit down with some gumbo. You can get Cajun-style gumbo that contains roux or Creole style that features tomatoes. If you’re looking for a quick snack, head to a local deli for some boudin. And for breakfast, visit Cafe du Monde for beignets and chicory coffee.

New York City

The city that never sleeps took a long snooze this past year, but never count out New York and New Yorkers when it comes to food. Creative restaurateurs set up pods on the sidewalks and in the streets so that people could still enjoy a nice sit-down, though socially distanced, meal. From street carts with dirty water hot dogs to Michelin star restaurants overlooking Central Park, New York City is still the place to find any type of cuisine your heart desires. 


Head to Miami for 24-hour beach parties, high-end restaurants, and the best Cuban food outside of Cuba. Don’t hang out on Ocean Drive the whole time either, go into the city to try out fresh ceviche, stone crabs, oysters, and the famous Cuban sandwich. To feel like a true local, order an arepa. This Latin American dish looks sort of like a Chinese Bao, but it’s stuffed with pulled pork, melted cheese, and avocado.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is practically synonymous with the word “baller.” From flashy casinos to gigantic portions of lobster and steak, head to Sin City to not only gamble like a king, but eat like one as well. You can try a Dirty Corn at Dirt Dogs. It’s an ear of grilled corn covered in butter, lime mayo sauce, crushed Hot Cheetos, melted cheese, and cilantro. (Not headed to Vegas? They have other locations in the USA as well.) Or head to Cafe Hollywood for a Ferris wheel of the five most popular appetizers. And if you need something to cure that hangover, you’ll want to visit Hash House A Go Go for their sage fried chicken and waffles. When it comes to food in Vegas, it’s “go big or go home!”


If you want a taste of that old time Southern cuisine, without the crazy New Orleans parties, then head to Savannah, Georgia. Walk around the city center and marvel at the old style architecture. When you get hungry, have some fried green tomatoes as a snack between meals. For breakfast or brunch, try the shrimp and grits. And for those with a serious sweet tooth, you’ll want to sink your teeth into a praline. Finally, for the health conscious, a locally grown Georgia peach is a must try!

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