Best Delivery Apps for Restaurants

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The best delivery apps for restaurants? Why does that matter?

This may be a question you’re asking yourself. After all, delivery apps are made for the optimal user experience, so if you get your food correctly and on time, what does it matter? Well, if you’ve ever worked hard at a job, it matters a lot, because these apps are not all made with the restaurant in mind. Between delivery fees and commissions, some restaurants can lose hundreds of dollars on an order.

According to, “Giuseppe Badalamenti, a restaurant consultant and owner of Chicago Pizza Boss, posted a Grubhub receipt from an anonymous restaurant he works with to Facebook. The restaurant earned about $1,043 from 46 orders through Grubhub — but after various fees and promotions where taken out, it only took home $377.”


So, what are the best delivery apps for restaurants? Use them to help your local eateries get through these tough times.

DoorDash and Caviar

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DoorDash and Caviar are all part of the same parent company, so we’re going to consider them together. Caviar caters to people who want food from high-end restaurants while DoorDash works like any other delivery app. Both of these apps reduced their fees by 50% in March of 2020 when the pandemic first hit. They also allowed new restaurants to sign up and use their service for free in April of 2020. For pickup orders, DoorDash and Caviar did not charge a commission to both new and existing restaurants. And when it looked like the pandemic wasn’t going to let up quickly, DoorDash reduced commissions for local restaurants (those with five or fewer locations) by another 50% through the end of May.

At the end of 2020, DoorDash announced that it would protect and support New York Dashers (their delivery people) with free PPE, two weeks of financial support for those who have been impacted and even provide $4 telehealth services. Other perks DoorDash gave its delivery people included reflective gear, identifying available bathrooms and improved navigation.


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Postmates doesn’t just deliver food, it will deliver whatever you want! Need some toothpaste from the pharmacy? Postmates it. Need someone to grab a screwdriver from the hardware store? You got it. Unlike some of the other apps, anyone can sign up to be a Postmates delivery person, though they must pass a background and DMV check of course. You’re given a Postmates credit card to pay for the items and in a city like NYC, where many people don’t have cars, you can choose to deliver by bike or on foot.

According to Postmates, this is how restaurants and stores are charged when they use this service:

“Merchants usually pay a percentage of each order as a fee to Postmates for our technology, marketing, and logistics services, but do not pay a fee for the delivery of items. This percentage is often referred to as “commission.” For “delivery-as-a-service orders” placed on your own website and pushed to our platform for delivery, you will be charged a delivery fee instead of commission.”


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UberEats markets itself to restaurants by asking them to use its fleet of drivers for delivery. A percentage is taken out of each order that goes though Uber. If the restaurant chooses to deliver the food themselves, just using Uber as an ordering service, the fee or commission is less. Uber takes a 30% commission for places that use Uber drivers for delivery. For pickup customers and restaurants that have their own delivery people, the commission is 15%.

Like other apps, restaurants get exposure and marketing by popping up on people’s phones as they’re browsing through their app looking for their next meal.

Final Thoughts

The fact is that all third-party apps charge the restaurant some type of commission or fee. The best way to support your local business is to simply order from them. You can call them, use their website to place an order, pick up your own or use their delivery system. This may seem like a step back in time, but buying directly from the restaurant is the best way to help a local business keep as much of their profits as possible.

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