Best Shaving Clubs for Women

Shaving can get expensive. A pack of high-quality, 5-blade razors and cartridges can cost up over $20 dollars at a drugstore. Wouldn’t it be great to not even think about razors and just have a never-ending, affordable supply of cartridges delivered to your door? Well, you can! We researched the best shaving clubs for women and came up with a list that not only saves you money but includes lots of bonus shaving add-ons as well.

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Athena Club

The Athena Club is not just a subscription box for that time of the month, but they take care of your shaving needs as well. Pick the color of razor you like, choose how often you’ll need replacement blades, and then add any accessories you might need. Add-ons include shaving foam, soft face wipes, and even a daily multivitamin. You pay $9 for the razor the first month and anywhere between $12 to $27 for blade refills once a month, once every two months, or once every three months. The best part about this subscription plan is that shipping is always free.

Other noteworthy features include their 5-blade cartridges for a super close shave, a magnetic holder for your razor and an ergonomic razor handle. Athena Club claims that their razors are razor-burn free, nickel free, dermatologist approved and curve friendly, for those hard to get to spots.


The Billie razor subscription kit has won quite a few awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty and Nylon’s Beauty Hit List. For a starting price of $9, you’ll get the Billie handle (in your choice of pastels), a magnetic holder, two 5-blade razor cartridges, and free shipping. If you shave every day, you’ll get four refill blades once a month for $9. 

There are also add-ons available that include shaving cream, razor travel case, body lotion and even lip balm. All the add-ons are under $20. If you love this service, you can purchase a one-time gift set for your friends. Choose between the $55 Smooth Operator shaving set or the $45 Life of the Party beauty set. 


At joy + glee, you get a $10 starter kit followed by $9 monthly refills. The starter kit includes a razor handle (pink or teal), shower hook, and two 5-blade cartridges. Or you have the option of getting four 5-blade refills once a month, once every two months, or once every three months. Add shaving gel or mousse for an extra $3.50.

If you prefer waxing certain parts of your body, joy + glee also sells waxing strips, bikini wax, and body wax. And for those who don’t enjoy ripping hair out, there are also depilatory creams that get rid of hair with a gentle wipe. 

The Women’s Shave Club

This razor subscription service gives you the most options and even rewards you when you refer a friend. Choose from four razors. You can pick a $1, a one-time option that gets you a 3-blade razor as a sample or you can start a subscription with any of the other three 5-blade razors starting at $6.99 per month. Get monthly or bi-monthly deliveries depending on how often you save. 

You can earn points when you register, sign up for the newsletter, like or tweet one of their products on social media, or refer friends. Collect 300 points and you get $5 that can be put toward your next purchase. 

Best Shaving Clubs for Women — Quick Links

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