Free Deals for Music Streaming Services

If you love music, you don’t want your tunes to be interrupted by ad breaks or song limits. Fortunately, there are many music streaming services you can use for free — either all the time, or until you decide which one you want to commit to.

Just like with TV streaming services, many of the leading music streamers offer generous free trials, so you can explore their catalogs and test their listening experience before locking down a subscription. Here are some of the best trial opportunities available on music streaming services.

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Cost: $10/month for Premium, $20/month for Hi-Fi

Free trial: 30 days

Jay Z’s online streaming service boasts over 70 million tracks, plus periodic exclusives by hitmakers like Beyoncé and Rihanna. One of its unique features is the Hi-Fi plan, which provides “uncompressed, audiophile-grade sound quality for your favorite hits,” according to Slickdeals. And the free trial lets you try out the superior sound to hear whether the difference is worth the cost. Additionally, Tidal offers frequent deals to loyal members, like an occasional $1 month.

Spotify Premium

Cost: $5/month for students, $10/month for individuals, $15/month for families

Free trial: 1 month

Spotify Premium delivers one of the internet’s broadest libraries of music and podcasts, completely ad-free. Even better, Spotify is known for its personalized playlists, like Discover Weekly, which brings you a selection of curated songs based on your listening habits. Spotify also allows you to stream music on-demand and to download certain tracks so you can listen on the go. The 1-month trial makes available all of these perks for free. Of course, if you don’t want to pay for a subscription after your trial, you can still enjoy Spotify for free with the ad-supported plan.

Apple Music

Cost: $10/month for individuals, $15/month for families

Free trial: 3 months

Apple Music is a veritable alternative to Spotify, offering many of the same perks and a few of its own. For one, the free trial period is an outstanding three months, allowing you to stream its 70 million tracks from your phone, computer or smart watch. But Apple Music also seamlessly meshes with iTunes, the company’s original music platform. If you own music through an iTunes account, you can play it on your Apple Music interface without a hitch. And if you use an Apple product, it’s even easier to pull up your favorites. Just ask Siri to play your song.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Cost: $8/month for Amazon Prime members, $10/month for non-members

Free trial: 30 days

In the mold of Tidal, Spotify, and Apple, Amazon Music Unlimited offers some 70 million songs, plus podcasts and the ability to download content. But if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, it will also save you money. You’ll pay $8/month for access to Amazon Music Unlimited, saving you $2 on comparable monthly subscriptions. Plus, the service seamlessly integrates with any Alexa smart speaker, which means you can shout out the name of your song from across the room and it will play in seconds.

Pandora Premium

Cost: $5 for students, $8 for military members, $10 for individuals, $15 for families

Free trial: 60 days

Pandora was one of the first platforms to offer curated radio stations based on listener preference. But the service long denied listeners from streaming songs on-demand, instead requiring them to listen to an ad-supported playlist geared toward their interests. With Pandora Premium, however, you can now get the same on-demand streaming experience you would get with any of the alternatives listed above, plus a whopping 60-day free trial. And Pandora hasn’t retired its taste-learning technology just yet. Pandora still offers tailor-made playlists based on the music you enjoy the most, so you can keep discovering new tunes and artists.

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