How to Make Money Playing Fantasy Football

Will fantasy football become the new great American pastime? Probably not. But football fanatics and casual observers alike have grown to love the interactive game — and there are ways you can actually make money by playing fantasy football.

In case you don’t know, fantasy football allows everyday spectators to build an imaginary team from real-life players. As the NFL season passes, fantasy players earn points based on the real-life performance of their respective players. Then, once the season ends, the fantasy team that’s earned the most points is declared the winner.

For many people, forming a fantasy football league is a fun way to bond with friends or for parents to bond with sons and daughters. But the pennywise among us may be wondering how they can make money by competing in fantasy football. This is not considered gambling. Why? Fantasy football requires participants to make educated guesses about which players will have the most successful season, so it’s considered a game of skill not a game of chance.

Keep reading to learn how fantasy football fiends can make money from the challenge.

Join a Money League

Most fantasy footballers play in a small league with friends, but there are a number of big leagues that generate sizable cash prizes. FFPC Main Event, for instance, is offering a $500,000 grand prize in the year 2021, but that doesn’t come free. Entrants have to pay $1,850 to start a team in this league, which makes FFPC one of the highest-stakes leagues online. Other money leagues payout in the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars while their entrance fees are also upwards of $1,500.

Check out Cheatsheet (link below) for a rundown of the biggest money leagues in 2021.

Become a League Manager

Most fantasy leagues involve 10 to 12 participants, but someone has to round up the troops. Why not be your group’s lead organizer? If you use a low-cost site like Yahoo Fantasy or ESPN, each player is charged a $25 entrance fee. Then as the league manager, you’ll be paid $5 for each player as an administration fee. That’s a pretty quick $50 or $60. And when the season ends, the remaining money goes to the league’s winner.

Join a Free League

You can always run your league through an ad-supported site like Wanna Make a Bet. And thanks to their ad revenue, these sites dole out modest cash prizes based on your point total. This means that several players in your league, beyond the ultimate winner, could end up earning a few bucks.

Just remember, fantasy football is just that: a fantasy. Try as you might to put together the perfect team, there is no way to predict which players will get injured or who becomes the surprise MVP. As such, it’s not worth spending a fortune in the hopes of turning a profit. Just focus on the fun of the game.

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