How to Save Money on a Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party can be a ton of fun. It can also be a ton of cash. Here’s how to save money on a bachelorette party.

Meeting Everyone’s Expectations

As the wedding day approaches, the bride and all her closest friends get a final chance to let loose and enjoy single life. So everyone expects it to be pretty epic. Even if it’s a lazy, poolside escape the intention is to make it huge.

Unfortunately, the tradition has avalanched in recent years. What was once a single night on the town has evolved into the bachelorette weekend or even an entire week of boozy travel. That kind of nonstop partying can be exhausting for both mind and wallet.

So how can the girls celebrate without forcing them all to take out a second mortgage? No worries, here are some tips for saving money while throwing a memorable bachelorette party.

Time and Place

Peak bachelor/bachelorette season is between April and July, so it shouldn’t surprise you that those are the most expensive months to travel. If you’re looking to book a bachelorette getaway, opt for something in the off-season.

Jamie Chang, a wedding expert at Passport to Joy, says that off-season bacheloretting is key to saving money and finding better opportunities. “You’ll have more options and more cost-effective ones for not only accommodations, but flights,” Chang says.

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Additionally, you’ll want to consider cost-efficient destinations, or even last-minute flights. Yes, St. Barts sounds beautiful and glamorous, but your bridal party might not be happy about the long flight and the bloated prices. Better save those vacation dreams for the honeymoon. If you want to save everyone money, your best bet is to travel domestically and to avoid flights.

And if you must fly internationally, Chang advises, “pick a location that has a good exchange rate. Your money will just go farther.”

Group Savings

Travelling as a group means shared savings. Call ahead to the bars, clubs, and other venues you’re looking to visit, to ask whether they provide a group discount. Odds are, they will have some kind of accommodation for a large posse, whether it’s drink discounts or a fixed-price menu.

And while you’re at it, check out Groupon. This savings site is perfect for group outings, offering bargains on group classes, tours and dinners…you name it! Groupon was basically made for bachelorette weekends.

Rent Through AirBnB or VRBO

There is a relaxing luxury to staying at a nice hotel, but it’s bound to strain your budget after a few nights. You can save a lot of money by renting a house instead. AirBnB and VRBO are two great resources for finding home-shares in almost every region of the world.

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What’s more, renting a house gives your group a home-base, so to speak, opening up even more savings opportunities. It will allow you to cook for yourselves, saving money on restaurants and room service. Plus, renting a house means you can play your own music and create your own party. Even when the club closes, you can keep the fun going at your rented house. Just remember to be respectful of the neighbors and the homeowner.

Daytime Deals

For all the glamor of nightlife, it’s awfully expensive. Why not plan some daytime activities to take advantage of afternoon savings? Whether you’re looking to do a boozy brunch, a day trip to the beach or a group hike for Instagrammable views, celebrating in the sunlight is a surefire way to save money.

Of course, your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be an overnight experience. You can save tons of money by hosting a day of local festivities that allow everyone to return home for the night. You’ll end up saving money on travel and lodging costs.

Remember what’s important

It’s so easy to get washed away by the excitement of it all. But it’s okay to forgo the personalized party favors and the over-the-top entertainment. A bachelorette party is about friendship and the beginning of a new stage in life. Keep your eye on that and you’ll feel less tempted to blow your whole budget on an insane bachelorette weekend.

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