Save Money with These Staycation Ideas for 2021

We could all use a vacation these days. Unfortunately, with certain restrictions still in effect across the globe, travel has become a rare luxury, if not an impossibility. But if you need a break from the daily grind, there’s never been a better time to invest in these authentic staycation ideas for 2021.

Even if you’re stuck at home, you deserve the chance to escape from work, to ease your mind and reset. Plus, you’ll save tons of money on all those travel and lodging costs. So what are you waiting for? Consider these ideas for the perfect, budget-friendly staycation.

At-home spa day

Unwind in the privacy of your own home. It doesn’t cost much to draw a warm bath with luxuriant bubbles and a few scented candles. Put on your favorite playlist and relax.

Additionally, you might want to consider an at-home massage. While some massage parlors remain closed due to pandemic restrictions, you’re likely to find a therapist willing to travel to your house to provide a personal massage experience. Check out Groupon or to find great deals on at-home massages.

Hometown Tourist

A lot of people live in a city, but never get to see its most iconic spots. Consider booking a walking tour right in your own backyard to see some of the landmarks of your hometown. Or, take a trip to a local museum, hiking trail, or farmer’s market. You won’t spend a dollar on travel while reveling the joy of being a tourist.

Take a Class, Perfect a Skill

This is a great way to feel productive during your week off. Whether you want to learn drawing, watercolor, a new knitting pattern or to finally finish that short story you’ve been writing, you can find ways to hone your artistic skills on the cheap.

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SkillShare is a fun, interactive way to take classes in all sorts of categories including art, design, calligraphy, filmmaking, and more. Plus, a 14-day free trial for all new members is offered, which means free classes for your entire staycation.

Or, you might prefer Master Class, which employs some of the most notable names across industries to teach all kinds of skills. Let Aaron Sorkin teach you screenwriting or learn to cook from Gordan Ramsay. The service is perfect for at-home learning, and only costs $15/month, a fraction of the cost of a single in-person class.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Your staycation is a great chance to finally support that new neighborhood restaurant. Why not order an entire banquet? It’s your time to treat yourself.

Alternatively, try cooking a new recipe or baking a few batches of your favorite treat. If you’re enjoying your staycation with other members of your household, cooking or baking could be a great way to bond. Uncork that bottle of pinot while you’re at it—all in moderation, of course.

However you choose to enjoy your time off, remember that the key is separation. That means putting down your phone, setting an auto-reply to your work email and, if you have the discipline, avoid social media. You’ll return to work with more energy than before if you truly let your mind and body detach from your typical routine.

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