When Is the Best Time to Buy Winter Jackets?

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Sometimes, a great deal requires timing. That’s especially true when it comes to finding the best time to buy cheap winter jackets.

While some will storm the department stores on Black Friday in search of the lowest prices on winter gear, the smart shopper has prepared long before November. Indeed, the best time to shop for cheap winter jackets is in late winter!

Clearance Season

By February, you’ll start seeing stores put out their new spring fashion. That means they have to clear-out the winter garb they weren’t able to sell. As a result, many stores will mark down these clearance items as much as 70 or 80%!

Still, if you wait until February to start looking for clearance deals on winter wear, you could miss some of the best items. That’s why you’ll want to start keeping an eye out as early as December. After Christmas shopping has ended, stores start lightening their load by putting seasonal items on sale. So, when the winter holiday season is over, the winter bargain season is just beginning.

Inventory Sales

Then there’s the matter of inventory. Once or twice a year, retailers take up the task of counting every item they have in store — and many stores are keen to liquidate as much merchandise as possible before the count. (The task of calculating losses is much easier on them if they can first get rid of some of their items).

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Thus, inventory sales, which often take place in late January, are another excellent chance to find marked-down winter jackets and other apparel you’ll need to get through the cold months.

Keep in Mind…

If you plan on finding a great deal on a jacket in the latter days of winter, you should be prepared for battle. You are less likely to find an exact coat or specific style if you’re braving the clearance rack. Additionally, if you plan on finding a cheap jacket for your kids to wear the following winter, remember that they will grow. Best to buy a size or two up, so by the time winter rolls around again, that bargain parka still fits them comfortably.

Finally, in these socially-distanced times, you’d be remiss not to hunt for clearance deals online. Check out Savetastic’s list of the best online discount clothing stores or simply Google the name of a store and the word “clearance.” After all, the season of online deals is yearlong.

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