Where to Buy Clothes in Bulk Online (and Why You Should Do It)

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Anyone with a Costco or Sam’s Club membership understands the thrill of buying in bulk. You can save tons of money in the long-run by purchasing larger, wholesale quantities of the products you use most, like toothpaste, detergent, kitchen staples, and cleaning products. But did you know you can buy clothes in bulk, too — both online and in-store?

We don’t mean buying twelve winter jackets or a truckload of fancy sneakers, we’re talking about saving on wardrobe staples: socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Such garments are far cheaper than they used to be, but if you’re buying them one pair at a time, you could be losing out on significant savings.

Here are the best articles of clothing to buy in bulk, and where to find the best deals. We have Savetastic quick links listed below.


Buying socks in bulk is an excellent money-saver, especially if you have kids. But since socks are notorious for disappearing on the way to and from the laundry chute, instead of buying a replacement pair every time one vanishes into the ozone, consider buying in bulk. The smart choice is to order a single color, that way you won’t have to stress about matching them.

Wholesale Sock Deals (WSD) is a great place to start for a wide variety of bulk options. This marketplace features far more than your typical white athletic socks, though you can buy 60 pairs of those puppies for less than $60. (That’s the giant family discount.) WSD offers great deals on socks of all varieties, including the warm, the fuzzy, and the colorful.


This one is primarily for the guys.

Assuming you change underwear daily (and you should), you know that there’s no overstating the importance of comfort in that area. Some try to save money by purchasing the cheapest option available, but that’s a fool’s errand — unless you love wearing tight or scratchy briefs all day long.

Even if you feel like you’re spending a load of upfront money buying them in bulk, you’ll be grateful down the line. Investing in comfortable underwear at the right price will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

As with many of the garments on this list, Amazon or eBay are awesome places to search for bulk underwear deals. If there is a particular brand you enjoy, start by searching by name, and see what bulk bargains are available. Alternatively, consider The Adair Group, an online wholesale market that doesn’t require a membership. Adair offers all sorts of bulk clothing deals — including shirts for women — but the underwear is targeted solely to the guys.


If you’re working from home these days, you may find that your closet of work attire has grown lonely, while your t-shirt drawer gets all the attention. Whether they’re a mainstay of your wardrobe, or you just like to wear an undershirt beneath a sweater, the plain white T has become essential for many of us.

You’ll probably want to start by searching Amazon, Target, or Walmart, all of which sell several brands in bulk. But if you want to invest in a huge t-shirt order, consider Anvil by Gilden. Previously a service exclusively for retailers and companies printing designs on shirts, Anvil by Gilden now sells directly to consumers. You can find shirts in all sorts of styles and colors right on their site.


In a recent article for InStyle, contributor Samantha Sutton describes an absolute flagship of her everyday ensemble: a $13 crewneck sweatshirt from Amazon.

“I found myself having a small fashion crisis,” she writes about her early professional career. “I wanted to boost my style and wear cute outfits, but I couldn’t exactly shell out thousands of dollars on brand new clothes.” After cruising through Etsy, she discovered a monochrome sweatshirt by Gilden that was available in basically every color on Amazon.

“There were so many shades to choose from that I ended up ordering blue, yellow, and green,” Sutton explains. “Once the sweatshirts arrived, I happily discovered that they were more than just comfortable and easy to throw on; they provided that pop of color and fun that my wardrobe needed.”

Indeed, you don’t need a vast, diverse collection of clothing to create a signature look. Like Sutton, you can find a single product at a great price that comes in a variety of colors. Thus, you can purchase clothing in bulk without succumbing to a monotonous uniform.

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