Where to Find High-Quality Cheap Pet Food

Business Insider asked a good question about pet ownership: “…it’s undeniable that owning and caring for any pet can be an endless chain of expenses, from the expected, like food, shots, and grooming, to the unexpected, like medical and dental issues. But what does that all add up to over the course of a year — or a lifetime?”

From small birds to horses, owning a pet can range from a few hundred dollars a year to a few thousand. Basically, having a pet is like living with a roommate who never pays for groceries. So, if you’re looking to find cheap pet food, possibly with delivery, check out these stores below.


Amazon is at the top of our list because it combines a wide variety of pet foods, delivery options, and great ways to save. Simply type in the pet food you’re looking for into the search bar. Everything from birdseed to chinchilla feed will show up.

And, with an Amazon Prime membership fee, you get free delivery, so make sure to click the Prime button on the left navigation box. You can shop with points or pay with your cashback money if you have the following credit cards:

  • Membership Rewards Program from American Express
  • Capital One
  • Cashback Bonus from Discover
  • Miles by Discover
  • Citi Thankyou Rewards
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Hilton Honors

Here’s an example of what Amazon has to offer.*


Chewy is a specialized online pet store. They sell supplies and food for 8 different categories of animals, from dogs to cats to horses, fish, and reptiles. They offer more pet-specific brands than Amazon does and their starting prices are cheaper than even feed stores.

For example, a 0.5 ounce bag of Amzey turtle food costs $3.99 at the Tractor Supply Co., a chain feed store in the US. At Chewy.com, you can buy the same bag of food for $1.99.

To make sure you capitalize on the savings, you’ll need free shipping, but that requires you to spend more than $49 with each order. That’s a lot of turtle food, so save up for your shopping spree. (Or get another couple pets.)

Tractor Supply Co.

Cheap Pet Food
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Tractor Supply Co. might not be the cheapest place for turtle owners, and you won’t necessarily go there for common items like cheap dog food, but if you’re a larger animal owner — like a horse, for example — it’s a different story. For a 50-pound bag of horse feed, the cheapest brand costs less than $10. That compares favorably to Chewy.com, where the cheapest 50-pound bag of horse feed costs $21.80.

Tractor Supply Co. also carries poultry feed, pig feed, and sheep formula. So, if you’ve got a pet that lives in a barn or isn’t the conventional dog or cat, Tractor Supply Co. may be your best bet.

Walmart & Target

The reason Walmart and Target made it onto the list isn’t just because of the discounts you can get from rewards cards, coupons, and discount finder sites. Nope, Walmart and Target are here because they carry cheaper brands in larger quantities than sites like Chewy.com.

One example is the dog food brand Beneful. The price is about the same at both Target, Walmart, and Chewy for the 28-pound bag, but both Target and Walmart carry the 40-pound bag for only $4 more. They also deliver or offer curbside pickup.

If you’ve got a big dog or you have lots of animals, head over to Target or Walmart for the bulk discount while doing your regular household shopping.

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