Women – Save Money on Your Next Business Suit

Women, you know the truth: Business suits aren’t just for men anymore. But where can you find women’s designer suits on sale, or do you even need to go that route?

With the right know-how, you can build yourself a professional ensemble while saving tons of money. Below are the essential tips for saving while suiting.

Invest in One or Two Go-to Pieces

If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing style, make an investment in one or two flagship pieces. That could be a navy or black blazer that matches with everything or a single, well-tailored pantsuit. Whatever you choose, if you plan on wearing it frequently and for years to come, there is no shame in spending a fair price. By making an investment in a quality ensemble made with real materials like wool, cotton or silk (not polyester), you’ll save in the long-run. Plus, even if you are working with a single suit, you can still change up your look from appearance to appearance by switching your blouse, jewelry or scarf.

Learn Sewing Basics

And we mean basics. The truth is, learning how to replace a button on your jacket or pants can save you tons of money in the future. Inevitably, we all pop a button here or there. But a tailor’s rates can add up even when fixing such a simple problem. Watch a few YouTube videos and you’ll be stitching up your own threads in no time. Plus, learning to upgrade buttons – going from plastic to leather – is a great way to enhance your look.

Avoid Designer Labels

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This is essential for suit-seekers of any gender. Most of the time, designer suits are far more expensive simply because of the brand name. But factors like material, fit, and style are far more indicative of a suit’s quality than the name of the designer. You should also take a look at where the suit was manufactured. If the tag says Made in Italy or Made in England, that’s a pretty good sign that the suit is top quality, even if there’s no fancy name attached. And if you’re buying online, it’s good to have a reasonable tailor. Fit is everything.

Dress Where the Deals Are

If you already have your one or two expensive pieces, but still want to build-out your work wardrobe, don’t waste time at a high-end department store. Even the most expensive retailers, like Nordstrom or Saks, have outlet stores, which are a great place to find marked-down items.

And if you’re really willing to hunt for those deals, go down to TJ Maxx, a wonderland of overstocked items at jaw-dropping prices. While you’re at it, consider a local thrift store or consignment shop, where you can fill-out your wardrobe with inexpensive accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can help you diversify your look. Those places can be overwhelming, but remember you are only looking for one or two accessory items.

As for online shopping, sites like HauteLook and Shein have a huge variety of suiting options at unbelievable prices. You might also want to peruse the 70% off section on Amazon or the depths of eBay.

Seek Inspiration and Steal the Look

We live in a time where women are leading businesses, running law firms, and even serving as Vice President of the United States! And while men in the professional world have a pretty limited suit-and-tie uniform, women can really personalize their looks. So if you’re trying to find a signature style, seek inspiration from some of today’s most notable professional women. Whether you love Kamala Harris’s pantsuit, pearls and Chuck Taylors or are drawn to Savannah Guthrie’s bold color accessories, find a style that speaks to you, and emulate it. And that doesn’t mean spending tons of money. Use the tips above to get the look for less.

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